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Sell Your Bike

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Cutting-Edge Technology

The future is bright with Jango-Cars for bike lovers with augmented reality cars. Augmented reality cars relay information on the windscreens it makes drivers assists all the time.

Sorting the paperwork

Only necessary documents need to submit while purchase the vehicle most of the times unwanted documents involved by using the proper guide we narrow down it simply.

Manufacturer Warranty

A new bike warranty is a guarantee from the manufacture company that it will repair or replace, without any charge to the vehicle owner, any part that fails prematurely owing.

Flexible Finance options

Financing a bike has two options direct lending or dealership financing. Buyers can select from a host of schemes offering low down payment options and low equated monthly installments.

How to Sell Your bike,Fast

Take Great Photos

A picture is worth of thousand words but product photography can be extremely valuable to your products buyer. Product photography can be extremely valuable for ecommerce platform.

Keep it Snappy

Simply describe the product detail with the quick synopsis it makes the product attention to everyone understand the product quality.

Be Honest

Sell the quality product with sincerity, and your ability makes sure to have some emotional weight behind your sales effort. Try to sell your product that you believe have legitimate merit. Transparency with buyer makes your sales double.

Guides to selling your bike

Preparing your bike

Before the your bike go to sell,sorting out the repairs,paperworks,transfer the insurance on right time and keeping it clean .If you missing some,your local automobile shop will help hastle free.

Creating your advert

A good advertising can also be a valuable way to remind your customers it helps your consumers make informed purchasing decisions. And build brand awareness will ensure the product quality.

Taking payment

Before you choose the payment, review some different types of payment methods like credit card, debit cards and other online payment methods. Payments gateways acts as a courier between buyer and seller, it’s very safe and trust worth.

Avoiding scams

Legitimate ecommerce platforms won’t call, email, or text to ask for your personal information, like your Social Security, bank account, or credit card numbers. Resist the pressure to act immediately while do the online payments.